The power of Art for personal, leadership and creativity development

  • Our vision


    “Through Art” is a concept and a purpose, the one of enriching the spirit of everyone bringing art into their everyday life


    We believe that art has a profound and subtle power of transformation for personal, leadership and creativity development. Through art people become more sensitive, emotionally aware, creative and the world need it. For this reason we advocate for the need of bringing more art in every aspect of people life and we have developed a platform to achieve this.


    “Through Art” promotes:

    • FINE ART created by the artist Giorgia Madonno
    • ART MERCHANDISE with artistic design by Giorgia Madonno
    • Art4Transformation&Creativity programs, such as:

    Contemplative observation sessions of Master Paintings

    Art Appreciation sessions where you will experience a new way of looking at a painting called Contemplative observation, know more about a contemporary artist and enjoy art appreciation, develop your empathy and sensitivity by sharing and discuss insights and different point of views with other participants, experience how a generative dialogue can enhance creative co-creation

    Date: Every Sat 3.30 -5pm (SG)
    Mode: Online (Zoom)
    Fee: Package of 5 sessions within 2 months $100 public, $75 member (see other available options here)


    Learn composition with Master Painters

    Art appreciation sessions where you will learn the principles of composition by observing paintings of great masters.

    Date: Every Wed 7.30 -9.30 pm (SG)
    Mode: Online (Zoom)
    Fee: Package of 5 sessions within 2 months $100 public, $75 member here)


    Creativity Lab


    Option 1) Face to face

    This program aims to bring committed and serious artists on a guided journey of self-discovery and very hands-on practice.

    It is targeted to participants who have already a certain level of artistic technique and want to have a breakthrough in terms of creativity

    Date: Every other Monday 8pm-9.30pm (SG time)
    Mode: Online (Zoom)
    Fee: Package of 7 sessions within 6 months $200 public, $150 member

    Group: minimum number for group: Min 3pax - max 8pax


    Option 2) E-Learning

    • Objectives: Have a breakthrough in terms of creativity | Enhance painting experience beyond technique and learn artistic expression | Grow as individual through a reflection on your painting practice journey and a self-discovery exercise to connect with your true Self

    • Online learning platform (Facebook learning group) organized in units with videos, exercises, readings, weekly feedback by instructor

    • Units: 1) What is creativity | 2) Why having identified purpose and identity is important in art? 3) How to find your artistic research questions? | 4) How to find Inspiration? | 5) Observation skills trough intuitive sketching | 6) Ideation: how to be creative and generates ideas | 7) Apply expression into your painting | 8) Composition | 9) Realistic and Abstract painting

    • Monthly subscription will allow you to access the full online program in the Facebook learning group + weekly written feedback by instructor on your exercises + bi-weekly new video explaining a new guided practice exercise (on top of the ones already available).

    • This program is best for students with already some painting experience, not for beginner.

    • Date: begin at any time

    • Mode: Online - Facebook group learning platform

    • Monthly subscription fee: 40SGD (30SGD MAS members)


    Encounter with Poetry

    This program allows a creative and emotional experience where poetry is used as a medium for transformation. Poetry like painting and music, through metaphorical language opens a door on our inner self.

    Write to info@marco-polo-consulting.com for info


    Art Salon - An artful conversation

    This is a recurrent meeting where artists, art lovers and art professionals come together to bond, network, and have meaningful conversations around what they love: ART!

    Write to info@marco-polo-consulting.com for info


    Leadership Programs through art

    Is it possible in a complex business environment to continue using only an EFFICIENCY/LEFT BRAIN approach or we need to integrate a CREATIVE/RIGHT BRAIN one? We personally believe that a mindset shift is strongly needed and we also believe that art can help, with its subtle and profound power of transformation and creativity development.

    Write to g.madonno@marco-polo-consulting.com for info




    Videos on A4T&C




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    g.madonno@marco-polo-consulting.com| +65 82995971 (whatsapp)

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    Art4Transformation Packages

    We have different options.


    "Urbanscapes" painted by Giorgia Madonno (40SGD)

    Art Merchandise

    See the specific page on our website

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