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Republic of Singapore Yacht Club Marina

Story of a Painting

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The landscape of the Republic of Singapore Yacht club in this painting is deconstructed:

  • From each canvas of the triptych the marina is seen from a different perspective and angle
  • The boats are painted with an unconventional perspective. 
  • The canvas has purposely different dimensions and shapes. 

The artists wants to convey a message of openness. Different people will see different things in the same landscape and a Marina is a place where people from different nationalities and walks of life might come together.This painting is a celebration of diversity of points of view

The painting has been live-painted by the artist during the 2018 Singapore Yacht Show at the boot of The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. More pictures here.

The Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Acrylics on Canvas


Painted in April 2018

650 Euro

If interested to know more write at

The original sketch/study

The original sketch/study

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